Technology and Special Education Research Paper by cee-cee

Technology and Special Education
This paper looks at the impact of using technology on learning and reading skills of low level students with special needs.
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In this article, the writer notes that S. Goetze and B.J. Walker found that students who are most at risk of academic failure are those who lack reading skills. They found that use of technology enhanced literary capabilities of students who have special needs. The writer points out that in fact, technology and literacy have a very strong link and scholars have been keenly interested in discovering various aspects of their relationship. This study investigates the role of technology within the modern educational environment of low level students of special needs. It is hoped that the research will add to existing literature on the role of technology in education. Also, the writer maintains that one practical implication of the research can be that it can change the way educational-providers deal with low level students with special needs.

Problem Statement
Literature Review
Use of Advancing Technologies in Education
The Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)
Voice Recognition Technology (VRT)
Purpose of the Paper
Research Questions
Sampling Frame
Method of Selecting the Sample Elements
Data Collection
Ethical Issues
Data Analysis
Anticipated Outcomes

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