Technological Dystopia in Film and Fiction Research Paper by writingsensation

Technological Dystopia in Film and Fiction
This well-researched paper analyzes the relevance of robots and robotic technology in both film and various written works of fiction.
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The writer of this paper examines the issue of technological dystopia by highlighting the negative aspects surrounding the inclusion of fictional robots in both film and written works of fiction. The writer discusses why the characters or images portrayed by robots cause either admiration or resentment to the audience. This paper also explores the underlying issues that authors and filmmaker are trying to convey in using robots as central characters in their stories. This paper looks at the human-like robots in author Isaac Asimov's science fiction novels. This paper analyzes the impact of robots and advanced technology in films such as "Terminator" and "I, Robot." This paper discusses the common theme prevalent in numerous films and novels pertaining to the perfection of robots and the imperfection of human beings. This paper also analyzes the relationship between the fictional robot and man.

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"Like any other machine invented by man, robots are shown to have the capacity to malfunction. Unlike a malfunctioning watch, car, or any other machine, robots are portrayed to have superior intelligence and consciousness. This makes the "malfunction" even more dangerous, since they can manifest harm with superior intent and capability. A robot defect is magnified because it can create an "intelligent" danger that humans may not be able to handle. There's also the factor of consciousness. Robots can become self-aware and realize that they are superior to humans. The implications of this are vast and debatable. Perhaps they will cooperate with humans and regard us as their creator, or realize that they are the superior beings and enslave humanity. Regardless of the result, authors always highlight this possibility. Something that has the superior capability to do good also has the same capability to do harm, so fail-safe devices should be put in place."

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