Teachers' Influence on Primary School Motivation Research Paper

Teachers' Influence on Primary School Motivation
The paper discusses aspects of child development and learning and specifically deals with teachers' influence on primary school motivation.
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The author of this paper states that motivation and learning have long been inter-related and continues by positing that the two concepts are mutually interdependent since how much a person learns depends on how much the person is motivated and studies and, the more the person learns, the higher the motivation to study further. To put it in less complex terms, students who enjoy school life and show a willingness to make the most of the school environment are more likely to learn. In the paper, the author discusses various theories of motivation. This is followed by a discussion on research pertaining to the area of teacher expectancy and its effects. Finally, the writer attempts to arrive at some practical suggestions, which teachers, reflecting upon their own classroom practices, might find useful to enhance student motivation in the classroom. The paper includes one table.

Theories of Motivation
Person-as-machine theories - psychoanalytical and behavioural theory
Person-as-Rational-Thinker - cognitive theory of achievement motivation
Attribution Theory
Self-efficacy Theory and Self-worth Theory
Achievement Goal Theory
Cognitive theory and the primary school child
Teacher expectations - theory and research
Factors affecting teacher expectations
Teacher behavior toward high- and low- expectancy students
Teacher expectations and motivation - personal experience and classroom practice
Motivation and teacher expectations

From the Paper:

"At this point I'd like to share some of my own personal experience. My interest in this area arose from the fact that I experimented with my expectations during the past scholastic year. I don't know if it is the case elsewhere, but at our school, on the first day, it is common practice for teachers to exchange information about their students. Since I teach the higher class, in primary school, I am always on the receiving end and listen to my colleagues' evaluations of my new students, their family history and other details. To be honest I find this practice unnerving. I would have seen my students for barely a couple of hours and would like to form my own impressions of them.
"Last October, I decided to pay attention to their comments in so far as to delineate those students whom other teachers classified as low-achievers or not motivated. I then embarked on a mission to try to convey to these students high-expectations. There was a girl I particularly targeted. She was very creative but I knew she had achieved poorly the previous year and had not shown much involvement in class. As I started to expect more out of her and gave her support and encouragement, her attitude changed completely. By the end of the year she was one of the average students as regards achievement tests and her project work was so good that we held an exhibition which featured primarily her work."

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