Sustainable Energy with Wind Turbines Research Paper by Nicky

An exploration of whether wind turbines are a viable solution to the energy crisis in the United States.
# 145233 | 2,280 words | 8 sources | APA | 2010 | US

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The paper explores how residential wind turbines work, the costs involved and other countries' experiences with turbines. The paper identifies their pros and cons and comes to the conclusion that there is still not enough evidence one way or the other to show whether wind turbines are really the best long-term choice for households and for countries when it comes to saving energy and protecting the environment. This paper contains a mathematical formula.

What are Wind Turbines?
How do Residential Wind Turbines Work?
What is the Cost?
What Other Countries Have Used These Turbines and Do They Recommend Them?
What Are the Advantages and Disadvantage of Wind Turbines?

From the Paper:

"Wind turbines are machines that are designed to take the kinetic energy that is found in wind and turn it into mechanical energy so that it can be used to power something else (Sterzinger & Svrcek, 2004; Lewis & Wiser, 2007). There are many very large wind turbines in Texas, for example, and they are used to help offset the electric needs of the large cities that they have there. Wind turbines are used for power generation while their predecessors, windmills, are used for water pumping, grain grinding, and other similar projects. The only real difference, however, is what these wind machines are used for, because the principals behind them are the same (Sterzinger & Svrcek, 2004)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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