Supporting Operations at Tesco Plc. Research Paper by scribbler

Supporting Operations at Tesco Plc.
Presents a complete research project studying supporting operations through logistics and purchasing at Tesco Plc.
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This paper explains that, given the context of firms focusing more on logistics and purchasing as a means of improving their operations, this original research project aims to assess the role of logistics and operations within Tesco Plc., the United Kingdom's largest retailer. Next, the author describes her observations of Tesco Plc., reports the literature review, relates the sample, methodology and questionnaire of the qualitative research, states the results and gives recommendations. The paper concludes that the findings reveal a company focused on the integration of logistics and purchasing decisions within the overall organizational affairs. The questionnaire and tables are included.

Table of Contents:
Aims and Objectives
Background of the Study
Literature Review
Methodology and Sample
The Questionnaire
Research Findings
Qualitative Findings
Observation of the Tesco Plc Environment
Secondary Sources
Quantitative Findings
Analysis of Findings
Analysis of Qualitative Findings
Analysis of Quantitative Findings
Conclusions and Recommendations
Questions for Future Research

From the Paper:

"Tesco is highly praised within the international community for the commercial victories it has sustained over Wal-Mart, the United States' largest retailer. Sam Walton's stores were highly popular within the U.S. and the company's managerial team decided to expand the stores outside the national boundaries. Despite their initial enthusiasm however, they were only able to register successes on the American continent. Europe, with its numerous retailers (Metro, Cora, Carrefour, Kaufland, Lidl, Tesco and so on) did not welcome Wal-Mart. In Germany for instance, after years of trials and millions of dollars lost, Wal-Mart accepted its defeat and closed its stores. Within the United Kingdom, it still maintains its stores, but it does not seem able to overcome Tesco's popularity and business results.
"One reason as to why Tesco continually thrives over Wal-Mart is given by the strong attention they place on the customer. "Tesco is about creating value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty." While Wal-Mart's sole scope is that of cost reduction to attract price sensitive customers, Tesco emphasizes on the quality of the products sold, as well as on their variety to ensure that they are able to satisfy even the most challenging customers."

Sample of Sources Used:

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