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Substance Abuse and Parents
This paper discusses the issue of substance abuse and parental functioning.
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In this article, the writer notes that the issue of determining the best parenting styles is a consistent topic among psychologists, parents, physicians and other professionals. The writer points out that typically parents desire to raise their children to be productive members of society and provide them with the essentials of life that will allow them to grow into healthy and confident human beings. The writer then discusses that when the parent is addicted to a particular substance the concern for that individual's parenting style is of even greater concern. The writer maintains that the effectiveness of the parenting styles of substance abusers can only be measured by the children of these individuals and the impact that the substance abuse has had on their lives. The writer concludes that when it is apparent that children of substance abusers are significantly more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, become sexually promiscuous or live deviant lifestyles than children of non-abusers, it would appear that the parenting styles of substance abusers are insufficient.

From the Paper:

"The purpose of the study was to focus on the parenting of the mothers and fathers that raised these individuals, in comparison to the parenting styles of the addicts that participated in the study. The researchers found that all of the addicts that were evaluated believed that they were better parents of their own children than their parents had been to them. The researchers also found that in each case the addict felt a closer emotional connection to his or her mother and believed that the mother had been the primary caregiver in the home. However, of the addicts surveyed it was discovered that almost all of the parents that raised the individuals had a substance abuse problem involving alcohol."
"In relation to their own children the addicts believed that they were more stable and that they provided a better environment than their own parents."

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