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Story Telling in Childhood Learning
An analysis of how children learn and the importance of story telling in that process.
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This paper studies how children develop language skills, as well as other auditory capacities, such as memory. The paper provides a detailed overview of the psychological and physiological changes that happen from infancy toward maturation. Then the paper explores the specific application of this research to language acquisition, focusing on the importance of story telling. The paper provides researched opinion that story telling helps young children to not only develop in their primary language, but in secondary languages as well. The paper concludes with recommendations to teachers for maximizing the language acquisition benefits of story-telling for their young students. Brief Analysis of the Quotation Why is Story Telling So Crucial in Childhood Learning What Implications Does Story Telling Have for Teaching English as a Second Language to Young Learners

From the Paper:

"Developmental specialists have informed us that children must acquire a primary language by a certain age. What is not always understood by today's educators is that prior to age seven, children may acquire verbal facility in more than one language. After the age of seven, the child's ability to speak a second language as a native is limited as they appear to be unable make some specific sounds in second language that do not exist in the primary language. The younger a child or a young person acquires the second language after the age of seven the better their fluency. What does this tell us? Language is not just a tool; it is how we structure our reality. The latest theories in social science and linguistics reveal this to being true. Levi-Strauss, a linguistic anthropologist from the mid twentieth century, was one of the first social theorists to propose this."

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