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Stock Options
A discussion of stock options and why employees continue to except them in lieu of higher pay.
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This paper focuses on the current employment environment and the continue willingness of employees to take stock options in a currently depressed market. A stock option is a promise by the grantor to sell a share of stock at a pre-agreed price. It looks at how the technology sector had been at the forefront of the use of stock options as a means of employee compensation during most of the 90s and how, in the current market, there is still the hope that, sooner or later, the market will eventually rebound. It shows how, by accepting stock options as part of their compensation package, employees are gambling that they would eventually profit, hopefully handsomely, by being able to exercise their stock options sometime in the future.

Stock Options An Overview
Why Companies Offer Stock Options
Why Take Stock Options Today?

From the Paper:

"An accounting glitch makes offering stock options especially enticing for company accounts as well. As stated, stock options are benefits granted to company employees with the promise that they can buy a specific number of shares of stock after a certain period of time at a price specified at the time the options are issued. So, if the stock exceeds that price, which was often the case in the 90's, the employee kept the difference, in other words, made a nice profit. The nice thing for the companies is that at the same time that the employees exercise their stock options, the company can take a tax deduction when the options have been exercised. This allows companies to reduce their taxable income considerably thus trimming corporate tax bills."

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