Stalin's "Great Terror" Research Paper

The paper examines the period in the history of the now defunct Soviet Union known as the "Great Terror"
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Published on Aug 22, 2012 in History (Leaders) , Political Science (Communism) , History (Russian)

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The paper examines the "Great Terror," which occurred between 1936 and 1938 in the now defunct Soviet Union and which refers to a period of Soviet history characterized by mass repression, The author of the paper begins by examining and outlining the Soviet political system under Stalin's rule and then goes on to examine the factors behind this campaign of terror during which, as stated by the writer, over one million Soviet citizens either directly or indirectly as a result of repressive policies. This paper contains footnotes.
Paper Outline:
The Soviet System under Stalin
Describing the Great Terror
Rationale behind the Great Terror
Use of Terror Tactics

From the Paper:

"To try to understand what explains the Great Terror, one should first understand the features of the Soviet system under Stalin. Josef Stalin emerged as the leader of the Soviet Union following the death of Vladimir Lenin in 1923. Stalin, previously an unknown party leader, came out triumphant over Trotsky who was then the most prominent of the Bolshevik leaders. Stalin was able to outmaneuver Trotsky who had argued before the Communist party the need for the state to embark on a radical program of rapid and forced industrialization. The Bolshevik or early Soviet Communist party objected to the proposal on grounds that such would necessitate the use of force against the reluctant people. As Stalin emerged the strongman of the regime, he reversed course and eventually adopted the idea of rapid forced industrialization as he exiled Trotsky."

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