Spirituality and HIV/AIDS Patients Research Paper by Nicky

A research paper on the meaning and role of spirituality in HIV/AIDS patients.
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This paper explores spirituality and religion and its role in patient care and focuses on two sets of research studies; one on spirituality in the healthcare profession and the other on the effects of spirituality and religion on patient outcomes. The paper highlights how the research into the study of spirituality on the quality of life and clinical outcome of patients with HIV/AIDS is a relatively new area, but it does suggest that attention to spirituality and religion play an important role in improving the quality of life for patients with HIV/AIDS.

Benefits of Mind/Body Techniques o Quality of Life

From the Paper:

"The first set of research studies attempts to define research methods and develop an operative definition of spiritually that can be used for research into spirituality and care of HIV/AIDS patients. This is an important step for future research into the topic area. Many of these studies used qualitative and comparative methods as their chosen methodology. This is largely due to the subject matter and the need to define it in non-numerical terms . Qualitative methods were an appropriate choice for this group of research studies, as it attempts to explore the many topic areas that could be included in this area. This method provided the flexibility needed to explore meanings that go beyond the anticipated outcome.
"Spirituality represents and important aspect of life for persons with potential life-shortening illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS. Using content analysis, responses from both those with HIV and healthy adults were compared. The sample population consisted of three groups, two test groups and one control group. Content analysis of the responses of these three groups revealed six emergent themes in the content: spiritual belief in God, spirituality as a source of help, spirituality as a source, spirituality expressed through actions such as prayer or meditation, God is present and giving, and spirituality as one's essence or center (Tuck & Thinganjana, 2007). Various definitions of spirituality emerged in the responses. Qualitative studies focused on definition."

Sample of Sources Used:

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