Soviet Foreign Policy in Iran 1945-1979 Research Paper by rex2261

Soviet Foreign Policy in Iran 1945-1979
A paper on the political and economic developments between Iran and the Soviet Union.
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This study examines earlier Soviet Union foreign policy towards Iran. The paper looks at how Soviet foreign policy grew and, at times, declined through economic cooperation with Iran from 1945-1979. Particular emphasis is shifted away from Cold War stances and upon nation to nation growth. An outline of the study is appended to the paper.

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"James Harlon Williams characterizes Soviet foreign policy in the Persian Gulf region as a "product of historical experience." Historically, it followed a pattern or strategy of "expansion, consolidation, and preservation." As Imperial Russia expanded its borders during the course of the Great Game in Asia, it emerged as the most powerful Continental power in Central Asia. Quickly thereafter, Russia moved to consolidate and preserve that power through political shoving matches with Great Britain. While the Russians significantly pushed their borders southwards towards Iran, the British countered Russian influence in order to protect British India. The idea of Iran as a "buffer" state acted as the way the British used Iran to prevent Russian penetration towards the Persian Gulf. Since the British resisted a stronger Russian presence in the Gulf, Russia employed a series of proxy conflicts while averting war with Britain. Playing a game of power politics dominated Russian and British diplomacy. From the mid-19th to the early 20th centuries both sides asserted their political dominance in Iran. Their goal was to dominate the enemy as much as possible yet averting war at all costs. Engaging in a head to head war would not be beneficial to either Russia or Great Britain from an economic and military perspective. In doing so, the tsar abandoned hopes of obtaining a warm water port in the Gulf."

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