South Korea's Automobile Industry Research Paper by Heman Kukreja

South Korea's Automobile Industry
An in-depth paper on the current state of the automobile industry in South Korea.
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This paper makes an indepth analysis of the South Korean economy, its history, demographics and its exhuberant economy. Specifically, the writer looks at its automobile sector and the various regulations that have benefitted this sector.

I.1.A) South Korea : Current state of affairs
I.1.A.a) Location
I.1.A.b) People of South Korea
I.1.A.c) South Korean Government structure
I.2.B.) South Korean demographic characteristics
I.3.C) Social Practices and norms that currently exist within South Korea
I.4.D) Government reforms undertaken and its current spread on domestic and international business and entrepreneurial
I.5.E) Current regulations and its overall reach and impact on South Korea?s general business practices
II South Korea?s domestic business environment in context of the Automobile sector
II.1.A) South Korea and the automobile sector, an introduction
Characteristics of Market
II.2.B) Current government outlook and policy and its impacton the Automobile sector
II.3.C) Overview of regulatory and deregulatory practices undertaken by South Korean Government
II.4.D) Current state of the automobile sector and current developments
Automobile Ownership
Domestic Sales & Exports
II.5.E) Sector competitiveness in relation to local and international firms
III) Bibliography/References

From the Paper:

"South Korea has been an important connotation for modern history and the adverse impact of the Cold War. Korean history as such is over four thousand years old however even after treacherous Japanese and Chinese rule over Korea over the course of its history it did have several decades of democracy only to be marred by other invasions. Immediately after the Second World War, America and U.S.S.R. decided arbitrarily to occupy and divide North and South Korea across the 38th Parallel and it was mutually agreed upon that over the next couple of decades the region would be reunited into one Korea. However the spill-over effects of the Cold War, rather Capitalism versus Communism created what can be termed as "'Cold' Korea 'War'" which has led to extensive wars between the North and the South and even after five decades of division both the North and the South have only vastly grown in differences, cultures and economic development. While the North has remained impoverished and dependent on Chinese handouts and maintains one of the largest militaries in the world, USA brought South Korea under its wing and has created one of the world's largest economies. It is a sharp contrast to the North with very little similarity except a violent history that was marred by foreign rule. South Korea today is a vibrant economy and although it has faced its share of problems with dictatorial regimes over the last couple of decade's democracy has been widespread and successful and has led to strong economic growth and recovery."

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