Social Learning Theory of Media Violence Research Paper by Laratara

Social Learning Theory of Media Violence
A look at the effects of media violence on children through a critique of the social learning theory of media violence.
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This paper dicusses the effects of media violence on children. The paper explains that with children, the perception of the model to which they are exposed to, leads to the imitation and learning of that social model. In particular, the paper looks at how one of the important behavioral theories that actually explain this phenomena, is the social learning theory of media violence presented by Albert Bandura.

From the Paper:

" Bandura's formulation of the theory of social learning in media violence has also served many other researchers like Huesmann, who advanced Bandura's formulation by holding that young television viewers develop a mode of understanding violence as they watch violent action on the screen. According to Huesmann, in the "script theory" of the effects of television violence, the viewers develop a script "that guides their expectations in relevant situations-in this case, expectations about what produces aggression as well as expectations about the likely consequences of this behavior-and thus provides a strategy for dealing with certain problems" (as cited in Berkowitz, 1993 p. 230). "

Sample of Sources Used:

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