Sexual Dysfunction and Perversity Regarding Emotion Research Paper by Schrebenhauser

Sexual Dysfunction and Perversity Regarding Emotion
An expansive paper that looks at all issues concerned with human sexuality from neurobiological, psychological, social, and philosophical points of view.
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The types of sexual dysfunction that this paper explores are those on the psychological side of the fence. The writer presents this correlation between emotion and sexuality from the view of all the major genres of discourse; thus, the paper ranges from neurobiology to philosophy and back again. Specifically, this work is divided into four main sections that include neurobiology, psychology, social taboos, and philosophy and treatment. Moreover, the paper is an attempt to show that emotions and emotional states play a fundamental role in all functional and dysfunctional sexual relations on all levels.

From the Paper:

"Of course it is first important to define exactly what we refer to when we speak of sexual dysfunction and/or perversion, and further that we distinguish the special forms of dysfunction that this paper will concern itself with. The encyclopedia Britannica defines sexual dysfunction as the inability of a person to experience sexual arousal or to achieve sexual satisfaction under appropriate circumstances, as a result of either physical disorder or, more commonly, psychological problems. This definition clearly alludes to what is considered perverse sexual behavior, which is the secondary form of dysfunction. Then sexual perversion is defined as any deviation from "normal" sexual activity, normal in this case referring to culturally acceptable forms of sexuality ("Sexual Dysfunction"). The other feature of this definition that is important to my agenda is that it makes a clear distinction between what is considered physical and psychological sexual dysfunction. The difference between these two forms of dysfunction should be clear as the physical is an actual inability to perform sexually due to some malfunction or damage to the physical body, then the psychological refers to psychosomatic sexual disorders."

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