Sex Tourism in Thailand Research Paper by pepperpot

Sex Tourism in Thailand
Discusses sex tourism in Thailand from an industry perspective rather than a moral issue.
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This paper explains that sex tourism in Thailand is open, booming and gaining the reputation of being the whorehouse capital of the world. The history of sex tourism in the Thailand and the various factors that attract foreigners and sex workers to the country's red light districts are explored. The author lists different forms of prostitution in Thailand and the country's legal stand on this industry. In addition, the paper probes the prevalence of child prostitution in the country and the health issues plaguing the sex workers, particularly HIV/AIDS.

Table of Contents:
Sex Tourism in Thailand
Prostitution: History & Current Situation
Why Become a Sex Worker
Attractions of Thai Sex Trade
Types of Prostitution in Thailand
Child Prostitution

From the Paper:

"Like adult prostitution, poverty seems to be the root cause in the proliferation of child prostitution in Thailand. Children, brainwashed to think that obtaining money through sex is good, would offer themselves to people mostly fifty years old or above in exchange for material favors. In many cases however, children are sold or trafficked by organized crime syndicates for prostitution. End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism, an international organization, founded in 1991 with headquarters in Thailand, estimates that there are about a million children worldwide who are lured into the sex industry each year."

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