Sex Between Europeans and Indigenous Women Research Paper by Peter Pen

Sex Between Europeans and Indigenous Women
The paper examines sexual relationships between Europeans and indigenous women during the colonial period.
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As an after effect of the Colonial period and as a result of interbreeding between visiting Europeans and the indigenous women of a new colony, a new race of people appeared. In this paper the author explores the predicament of these "hybrid or Metis populations. The paper examines the case of the Eurasians of India, (Anglo-Indians as they came to be known) who are the result of such unions and still identified as mixed-race and form a culturally composite community. The paper also takes a look at the French Metissage ("mixed-blood") population. The author examines each of these groupings and the relationships and attitudes of the dominant colonial population to them as well as the attitudes of the indigenous population to these new populations.

From the Paper:

"To find the opinion of other Africans is a nearly impossible task. For one, the group of people is so vast it would never have a collective opinion and would be ignorant to assume otherwise. Another issue is that there is little information written by Africans prior to the 20th century. Most writings stating African opinion are authored by citizens of the ruling nation, whose credibility to write about the sentiments of the Africans is highly suspect at best."

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