Seed Germination Project: A Laboratory Report Research Paper by Rifkhan

Seed Germination Project: A Laboratory Report
A research paper that explores the possible factors that may affect seed germination.
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Published on Nov 21, 2013 in Biology (Botany) , Agricultural Studies (Plant Science)

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This paper describes an experimental project that assesses the possible factors that may affect seed germination. Section A of this paper examines how light affects seed germination, section B studies the effect of planting depth on seed germination and finally, Section C explores the effects of fruits and their contents on the germination of seeds. The paper then discusses the study's results and concludes with a summary of what was learned from this experiment.


From the Paper:

"Seeds do not germinate until they have absorbed water. Embryos in mature seeds are dehydrated and so for active metabolism a watery environment is required. When a seed is germinating numerous materials are produced and others degraded as the metabolic machinery has been turned on. So water is an absolute requirement for these metabolic processes. Absorption of water into a dry seed is called imbibition and as a seed absorbs water it swells to many times its original size. Imbibition in cells occurs by adhesion of water into and onto materials in the seed like cellulose, starch and pectin. So water molecules are attracted to these materials by attraction between unlike materials, called adhesion. Moreover, germination and growth needs energy which is obtained by conversion of food molecules present in the endosperm or cotyledon of the seeds to ATP by aerobic respiration and usually therefore, oxygen is also needed for germination (Solomon, Berg & Martin, 2005)."

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