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School Violence
This paper provides an analysis of the causes and responses to the issue of school violence.
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In this article, the writer notes that tragically, school violence has been a chronic problem in America for many years. Many Americans have mistakenly believed that school violence is mainly confined to large school districts in major cities, but the writer points out that this is not the case, for many of the most recent incidents have occurred in schools in small towns and rural areas. The writer discusses that trends are confirming that incidents of school violence are not only spreading, they are becoming more frequent, despite the potential of relatively recent programs such as school uniform codes and improved security measures. The writer concludes that a much greater emphasis on counseling and therapy in every American school is necessary, for the strategic problem of endemic school violence requires a strategic, nationwide response. Some of the sources used in the paper are attached.

From the Paper:

"Those who argue that aggression is caused by genetic factors point out that since genes have been proven to affect aggression in mice, the same may be applied to humans as a genetic explanation of aggression. These views of genetic or material essentialism claim that not only are the physical characteristics of an individual determined by genetic information, but one's social roles, behaviors, and relationships also have a biological-genetic base."
"Those who argue that aggression is caused by environment have a strong argument, for countless psychologists and sociologists are convinced that aggression is principally a result of the frustration of basic needs. When one considers the fact that the most violent schools are generally those in areas suffering from the most poverty, it becomes apparent that aggression is exhibited because the aggressor, usually a young male, needs things his environment cannot provide him. When they are out of reach, he lashes out."

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