Same Sex vs. Co-ed Schools Research Paper by ABCs

Same Sex vs. Co-ed Schools
This paper discusses why parents select single-sex schools for girls and co-educational settings for boys.
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In this article, the writer looks at the choice of single-sex, as opposed to co-ed institutions and points out that academic literature on the topic is sparse, with much of the literature that exists taking on the slant of the institution that sponsored it. The writer summarizes the research that exists in this subject area and looks at the impact on the students that attend these institutions. The writer concludes that literature on parental choice between same sex and co-educational school systems leaves many more questions than answers. In addition, the writer maintains that as market based school systems continue to grow in popularity, marketing style surveys will become more common in the future, as schools attempt to decipher the mystery behind parent decisions on school enrollment.

Literature Review
The Impact of Single-Sex Schools
Parental Attitudes
Catholic Schools and School Culture
Parental Choice and School Competition

From the Paper:

"These results for parental attitudes contained some surprising results. For instance, it was not expected that the experiences of the parents would play the significant role that they did in the study. This demonstrates that impact of emotional scars on parental educational choice. These results imply that parents that had negative experiences do not wish their children to have the same experience. There were no reasons given in the study for the reasons behind parents who had attended single-sex schools rejecting that choice for their children. This area presents an area that needs to be discovered further. Research needs to be conducted on what experiences and feeling led parents to this decision with their children.
"Further research into the topic of parental dissatisfaction with their educational experience in a single-sex setting could provide valuable clues as to the long-term emotional impact of single-sex education and of co-educational experiences. This represents an area that has not been studied extensively thus far."

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