Safety Standards for Airfield Drivers Research Paper by Nicky

An in-depth study to determine whether assigning points to airfield drivers' licenses would reduce the number of driving violations.
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The paper provides a review of the relevant literature concerning the aviation industry in general, point systems and drivers' licensure in the several states and abroad, as well as a discussion concerning current approaches to airfield driver regulation. The paper then outlines the methodology used in this study and presents the results of a custom survey of a representative sampling of currently employed airfield drivers concerning their views about the assignment of points to improve driving performance. The paper concludes that this graduated licensure procedure, wherein points are assigned for various levels of infractions, appears to represent a viable alternative to existing sanction techniques. The paper also provides several recommendations for airports to implement. This paper contains several figures, tables and graphs, as well as an appendix.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature
Chapter 3: Methodology
Chapter 4: Data Analysis
Chapter 5: Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

From the Paper:

"Runway incursion accidents remain a significant problem that affects the safe operation of the airports in the United States today. As airports become increasingly congested, airfield management as well as the entire aviation industry are required to pay increasingly closer attention to the safety of ground operations. The complexity of today's airfield operations have the potential for creating unsafe conditions, especially where aircraft and vehicles may find themselves on active runways in direct conflict with arriving and departing aircraft. Such runway incursions can have tragic results. While aircraft crossing taxiways or runways without clearance may be involved in many runway incursions, people driving vehicles on the movement area may also be involved in an airfield traffic accident. Although some airports employ driver training programs for airport personnel, it is typically assumed that airfield drivers are qualified to drive on the airport by virtue of their positions."

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