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SAB Miller
A micro economic analysis of SAB Miller's business practices and their interaction with the greater brewing industry.
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Published on Nov 24, 2007 in Business (Companies) , Business (Industries) , Business (Business Plans)

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This paper discusses SAB Miller's business practices. It looks at supply and demand for their products and their target market. The paper then discusses the major inputs of SAB Miller and the major factors affecting productivity. It also describes the long run cost function for SAB Miller. Finally, the paper looks at the competitiveness of the brewing industry and SAB Miller's interaction with other brewers.

From the Paper:

"SABMiller is the second largest brewer (by volume) in the world. SABMiller's products are differentiated from other products in the market through taste, look, cost, and advertising. SABMiller's different brands of beer all have their own unique flavor so as to differentiate between their product and a substitute product such as a beer produced by Anheuser-Busch. The bottle labels of SABMiller's products also differ so as to have a unique volume of products within the market. SABMiller's prices are different as certain beers are cheaper. Finally, SABMiller's products are differentiated through the way SABMiller chooses to advertise certain products. While less costly beers such as Milwaukee's Best and Steel Reserve may not be advertised because of their low price, beers such as Miller Genuine Draft and Miller Lite are advertised so as to keep up in the market with their competition mainly Coors and Budweiser. Other SABMiller products such as Pilsner Urquell and Amstel may only be advertised in specialty magazines for SABMiller wants to give the impression that those types of beers are of high class."

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