Romantic Age, Slavery and Blacks Research Paper by jhay ghee

Romantic Age, Slavery and Blacks
This paper explores the extent to which inclusion of literature related to slavery and blacks is an aspect of the Romantic Age.
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The paper discusses how the inclusion of literature related to slavery and blacks is to a tremendous extent an indisputable aspect of the Romantic Age. The paper relates that the Romantic Age coincided with colonialism and the acquiring of African slaves. The paper reveals that this era founded and birthed racial taxonomies and the very term "Blacks" among other racial slurs. The paper shows how the height, depth and demise of slavery were witnessed during the Romantic period.

From the Paper:

"The exact span of time attributed to the Romantic Era is still debatable. According to Joseph Strayer and Hans Gatzke, "The term Romanticism defies clear definition. It differed not only from country to country but from Romanticist to Romanticist" (The Mainstream of Civilization; 550). What is definite and sure is that Romanticism coincided with Colonialism. Colonialism has been defined as, "The practice of acquiring control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically" (The Oxford Dictionary). The chief tool utilized to achieve the ends of colonialism was African slaves. As stated by Damrosch et. Al. "From 1783 to 1793 more than 300,000 slaves were sold in the British colonies, at a value of over 15,000,000 pounds" (108)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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