Risk Management Perceptions and Strategies Research Paper by Hans

A comprehensive paper dealing with the subject of risk management including perceptions of risk and possible strategies designed to manage risk in practice.
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This research is aimed at those in the academic community with an interest in the field of risk management and corporate reactions to the concept of risk in the contemporary business environment. The research piece may be of secondary interest to those practitioners within the business and management community who are involved or take an active interest in the concept of risk within their respective companies. The writer explains that after reading this paper the reader will have a clear understanding of the concept of risk and in what ways companies in recent times have reacted to the concept and developed strategies in order to manage the issue.

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Methodology
3.0 Literature review
4.0 Findings and analysis
5.0 Conclusions
6.0 Recommendations
7.0 Reflections

From the Paper:

"There are a number of interviewing techniques which may be used ranging from the completely informal through to the fully structured interview with the semi-structured interview providing a middling solution. In the first instance the unstructured interview may provide the most flexible of the techniques and allows the researcher to follow emerging themes. However there is the possibility that without any structure the interview may end without providing any real value for the researcher leaving many key questions unanswered. On the other hand the fully structured interview may be seen a proving the opposite in that the researcher may gain answers to all of the questions which they set out to answer but key opportunities to investigate areas to a more in depth level or areas which the researcher had not previously considered may be missed. As such it is proposed that the researcher will use a hybrid method in the form of a semi structured interview, in preparation the researcher will identify a number of themes to talk around during the interview rather than a formal list of questions. As such this will allow the researcher to gain the relevant information required whilst still giving the interviewee the opportunity to elaborate on areas of personal experience or to talk about areas which the researcher had not previously considered."

Sample of Sources Used:

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