Residential Segregation Research Paper by jose

Residential Segregation
An in-depth analysis of how racial residential segregation effects Latino communities in the U.S.
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This paper covers the issue of racial residential segregation with a focus on how it effects the Latino community in the United States. This paper addresses the major issues surrounding racial residential segregation including the supposition that neighborhoods (property) inhabited by blacks and Hispanics decrease property value and discriminatory gate keeping behaviors.

Table of Contents:
Racial Residential Segregation in the United States Since the 1968 Fair Housing Act
Reasons for Racial Residential Segregation
Racial Residential Segregation and Hispanics in the United States
Effects of Racial Residential Segregation on Hispanics in the United States

From the Paper:

"Sociologists and policymakers have long viewed racial residential segregation as a key aspect of racial inequality, implicated in both intergroup relations and in larger processes of individual and group social mobility" (Charles, 2003, p. 167). Charles' (2003) research indicates that where a person lives affects their proximity to good employment opportunities, quality education and safety from crime. The product of where one lives will be seen in the quality of education and employment via their socioeconomic status."

Sample of Sources Used:

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