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Radio Frequency Study
An examination of radio frequency identification methods.
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This paper describes the history and uses of radio frequency identification (RFID). The author describes the history of radio frequency identification, especially as used during World War II. The paper further describes practical applications of radio frequency identification today, such as on toll roads and also in moving products to their destinations. The author uses Wal-Mart as an example, and also has several charts to demonstrate how RFID is used in industry. The paper concludes with potential uses for RFID in the future.

History of Radio Frequency Identification
Fundamentals of Radio Frequency Identification
Exploring the type of RFID Tags
Active RFID Tags
Active Backscatter Tags
Passive Backscatter Tags
RFID's Future Applications
Figure 1: Comparing RFID Frequencies
Figure 2: Comparing RFID Tags and their Use
Figure 3: Exploring How RFID Works
Figure 4: RFID's Impact on a Manufacturer's Supply Chain
Table 1:
Mass customization manufacturing strategies which can be automated through RFID
Figure 5: Using RFID Technology to streamline the MRO Process
Figure 6: Authentication techniques using RFID to validate products using RFID

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