Public Relations and Marketing Management Research Paper by supercalifragilistic

Public Relations and Marketing Management
A discussion of the role of public relations in global marketing management and strategies.
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This paper gives an in-depth analysis of the role of public relations for today's global companies, with particular focus on marketing and management strategies. The paper includes a literature review which helps define a best practices model for this field. Several other models of public relations are taken from current research in emerging global companies. The importance of the Internet is described as a public relations tool, with applicable sites listed.

Emergence of Public Relations Maturity Model
Model of Market-Driven Organization, Synchronized Across Functions
Figure 1: Public Relations as being Demand Driven
Figure 2: Public Relations Maturity Model
Literature Review
Figure 3: PR Manager Dashboard Interface
Turning the Position of Trusted Advisor into a Competitive Advantage
Completing Market Segmentation Based on Trust
Values-Based Segmentation Strategies and Pricing
Organizational and Customer Value Alignment and Relationships
ROI Analysis Literature Review
Nordstrom's Case Study: How Public Relation's Stressing Value Impacts Company Culture
Areas of Future Research
Bibliography or Works Cited

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