Ptolemaic Egypt/Hellenistic European Period Research Paper by Ace writers

Ptolemaic Egypt/Hellenistic European Period
Discussion of the the rise and fall of Ptolemaic Egypt.
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This paper takes a chronological look at the Hellenistic kingdom of Ptolemaic Egypt from its founding to its eventual end and integration into the Roman Empire under Caesar. It also looks at the succession of Ptolemaic rulers, the Ptolemy governments, and the infrastructure and economy established under these rulers. Included are descriptions of the significant aspects of the culture and religion of that era. The paper also covers the fall of the Ptolemaic empire and the events and characters in history that contributed to the fall.

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"After entering Egypt with no resistance, Alexander the Great stayed in Egypt about six months. (Platt and Ashwani 1985) From there he marched east into Asia and onto the plains of Indus, (modern day India). Before departing for points east Alexander appointed a nobleman from Macedonia satrap, (governor), of Egypt. His name was Ptolemy. In 306 B.C. having been part of ongoing civil wars with the other generals from Alexander's campaigns, Ptolemy declared himself king, and later god-king, of Egypt. Thus began the Hellenistic kingdom of Ptolemaic Egypt."

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