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Psychological Testing
This paper looks at the reliability and validity of intelligence tests in education.
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In this article, the writer notes that intelligence tests have long been a part of the educational landscape. The writer further points out that many tests have been used to determine intelligence and scholastic aptitude in elementary schools, middle grade schools, and in high schools. The writer discusses that some question does exist over the value of these tests in terms of validity and reliability, particularly in certain populations. This paper is used to briefly examine some of the issues that exist with the use of intelligence testing in the educational field.

Literature Review

From the Paper:

"Although still uncommon in an educational setting, one trend that must be reviewed is the use of online psychological testing. With computers increasingly present in schools and the availability of online courses later in life, online testing and assessment is a real possibility in the future.
Computerized testing, online or not, is a consideration as the potential inefficiencies of RTI are addressed. More students can be assessed and processed more efficiently, as well as more objectively, when computers are used. However, in the case of students with SLD, this potential trend may not be entirely beneficial. Internet testing has made updating and translating testing materials much easier. It is also easier to record and to compile data from Internet-based testing. Three kinds of testing typically appear on the Internet: tests for layperson use; diagnostic measures, such as the MMPI; and cognitive ability or certification tests."

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