Privacy and Security - Major Fears of Computer Users Research Paper by Rutgers

Privacy and Security - Major Fears of Computer Users
This paper tackles the issues of privacy and security with regards to computing technology, discussing such topics as passwords, identity theft and company abuse.
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In today's technological world it is vital for everyone to be aware of the threats that we face. This paper provides an overview of two major fears that computer users have with regards to computing technology: Privacy and Security. Illustrations of how privacy and security are being abused and breached are provided throughout the paper. It also discuss ways of protecting ourselves from abuses in privacy and security.

I. Introduction
II. Fears over Security
A. Data Security
B. Passwords And Physical Security
III. Fears over Privacy
A. Identity theft
B. Abuse by companies
IV. What needs to be done
V. Conclusion
VI. Works Cited

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"Visualize a world without cars, a world without telephones, and a world without television. Without these technologies we, as a society, would be almost paralyzed. We would have difficulty to move, difficulty to communicate, and difficulty to get information. It is thus apparent how fundamental technology is to the survival of our civilization. Technology is an integral part of our society. It is in the movies we watch. It is in the food we eat. It is all over the world that we live in. It encompasses everything that forms our lives. Technology is important because of the basic fact that it brings about tremendous benefits to mankind. Thus, with all these conveniences and advantages that technology brings to us it is difficult to imagine a world without it."

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