Price Mechanisms and North Sea Oil Research Paper by Writing Specialists

Price Mechanisms and North Sea Oil
An in-depth discussion regarding the factors influencing the price of North Sea oil.
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This paper takes an in-depth look at the history and factors that influence and impact the price of North Sea oil. The paper examines how taxation, new technology and extraction costs effect prices of North Sea crude. It also explores the global situation and the impact of dwindling North Sea supplies on global oil prices.

Global Historical Price Trends
How Oil is Sold
Taxes and North Sea Oil
Tax Situation and New legislation in the UK
Technology Innovations and Tax Incentives
Extraction Costs
Global Competition and North Sea Oil

From the Paper:

"The European market will not be able to achieve stability as long as there are no mechanisms in place to control supply and price. Many experts feel that the current situation means the end to low prices for consumers (Appert, 2005). The Brent price started at $40 a barrel in the beginning of 2005, but had risen to $70 a barrel after Hurricane Katrina took out many refineries along the Gulf Coast (Appert, 2005). Oil production has changed since the 1970s. During the 1970s companies worked on building a surplus. However, demand rose quicker than their ability to produce. Now companies work on a just-in-time basis (Appert, 2005). There is no reserve to level supply when it is needed. Changes due to shocks are seen rapidly on the consumer end. Consumers got used to stability in pricing during the 1970s. If supply was low companies had enough in reserve to meet the demand. "

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