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Prehistoric African Development
This in-depth paper analyzes the prehistoric development of the African continent while focusing primarily on the development and evolution of man in this particular region.
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This paper examines the published archaeological evidence and research that proves humans lived in Africa more than 3 million years ago. The writer of this paper traces the origins of the first humans in prehistoric Africa to the grassland regions in the east. The writer delves into the prehistoric cultures of Africa while also discussing the cultural and linguistic evidence that shows that certain societies such as the Bantus and Zulus came from the north and migrated southwestward to set up their own communities. This paper explores the development that occurred during the late Stone Age era which brought about additional settled societies throughout the continent. This paper analyzes the manner in which prehistoric cultures and societies functioned in Africa. The writer stresses that during the evolution of man evidence of specialized tools were found to have been created to cope with a new range of environments and circumstances which are clearly detailed in this paper. The writer also examines how the issue of gender was viewed during the prehistoric era. The writer contends it was likely that the traditional division of labor was evident during this particular era in which men hunted while women defended the camp and cared for the family.

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"Part of the reasons, for some of the methods adopted, were geographic in origin. At the same time, the country is now broken up in 50 different countries and there is a wide difference in sizes among them, both in terms of area as also in terms of population. At the same time, the continent is huge enough to contain United States, China, India and Argentina together. The diversity and difference from other continents is sustained by the fact that it is bisected by the equator. There are many different types of lands, but the greatest portion of it is either desert or open plains. The continent also has snow capped mountains in Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro. The continent also has four different river systems of the Nile, Niger, Congo or Zaire and Zambezi. As was the situation in other world regions, human development in Africa also first took place in areas where there was good availability of natural resources in the form of soils and required water supply."

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