Power Struggles in American Federal Government Research Paper

Power Struggles in American Federal Government
An historical examination of power struggles between America's federal branches of government.
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A critical analysis that interprets the status quo of America's federal powers. This is accomplished through reflecting upon the shifts in balance since the Dred Scott decision in 1856, with a specific emphasis on the Judicial branch. The author argues that a potentially volatile time is unfolding in America today because of imbalanced representation of Democrats and Republicans within the three branches of federal government.

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"Initially presented in the first major text, the essence of an effective federal government is outlined by an equal distribution of powers between its three branches: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. The judicial branch has been widely accepted as the most powerful of the federal branches; being that it has the overall authority to deem what is legal, and what is illegal within the American borders. Dissimilar to characteristics of official positions found within the executive and legislative branches of America, a Supreme Court Justice's tenure is for life. Basically; after a President elects a Supreme Court justice, and that justice is approved by the Senate, the only way for that justice's spot on the bench to become available is through deviant behavior, retirement, or death. It is with this knowledge that the roots of America's imbalance of federal powers are brought to life. It has been more than 11 years since there has been a Supreme Court vacancy. This has been the longest interval without a vacancy since the administration of James Monroe in 1823, 182 years ago (http://www.usfca.edu/law_library/supcurr.html). Politically speaking; with the immediate presence of a republican dominated bench, a republican majority within the Senate, and a republican president, America finds itself in a vulnerable position. Shying away from the racially centered arguments found prevalent within the previous essay, this piece will critically analyze the unique situation that the American federal government finds itself in today, and will evaluate the susceptibility of the American conscience when a single political party controls the majority of federal powers."

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