Power in a Totalitarian State Research Paper by Nicky

A look at the use of the tactics of totalitarianism by the regimes of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.
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Published on Dec 12, 2010 in History (Leaders) , Political Science (Political Theory)

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This paper discusses how several prominent twentieth century figures, such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, represent the skillful tactics of the most effective totalitarian regimes. In particular, the paper examines how Hitler harnessed the power of propaganda in order to brainwash his citizens into submission; all the while blaming a scapegoat in order to curb opposition of his own regime within the minds of the average German citizens. The paper also looks at how Soviet Russia's Joseph Stalin utilized the extreme tactic of installing fear through absolute ruthlessness to remain in power for half a century. It concludes that these tactics prove some of the most efficient used within the context of a totalitarian regime, and thus the most feared and respected within the study of world politics.

From the Paper:

"Several efficient styles of rule within the context of totalitarianism are defined in the notorious Main Kampf, or "My Struggle," written by Adolf Hitler while he was serving a five year prison sentence in Germany. The work was originally intended as a pure autobiography, but ended up being a "mixture of autobiography, political ideas, and an explanation of the techniques of propaganda," (Spartacus Educational 1). In fact, utilizing the power of propaganda was the most prominent feature in the work which provided Hitler effective ruling techniques. The work itself was one of propaganda, for the autobiographical representation of Hitler was largely manipulated to provide readers with a positive twist, (Spartacus Educational 1). He also used the work to describe Germany as the head of the Aryan race, and therefore the most superior of all nations. "

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