Playing God: Artificial Intelligence Research Paper by sjsilvertree

Playing God: Artificial Intelligence
An in-depth analysis of artificial intelligence, in its current and future forms, and some of the implications of creating and using artificial life.
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This paper describes what constitutes artificial intelligence and examines the history of the term, comparing the original goals scientists set for artificial intelligence with the goals that are being worked on today. The author discusses many of the achievements in the field, as well as the limitations of computers and how scientists are trying to build machines capable of dealing with non-quantifiable, non-logical data. The author raises many questions regarding the scientific, legal, and moral implications of creating artificial life forms and points out that until what exactly defines humanity in humans is agreed upon, there can be no concrete answer to whether or not it can be re-created in digital form. The author concludes that it will be necessary to look to the fields of theology, philosophy, and ethics in order to develop a responsible, balanced, and ethical use of artificial intelligence today and in the future.

From the Paper:

"Before one can even begin to discuss artificial intelligence in its future, fully realized form, one must examine the use of artificial intelligence in machines and programs today that show its potential for independence. For example, the evolution of artificial intelligence mirrors the development of organic life in that it starts out simply. These simple examples must be studied and understood, as they will form the basis of the behavior of the complex incarnations of artificial intelligence. In other words, we must establish the point at which we will begin to consider a computer alive."

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