Planned Parenting in the Philippines Research Paper by cee-cee

Planned Parenting in the Philippines
This study provides an applied anthropological analysis of family planning in the Philippines while assessing the role gender inequities play in family planning preferences.
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In this article, the writer of the paper explores planned parenting in the Philippines as it relates to gender equality rights and cultural preferences, using an anthropological perspective and analysis. The paper begins by outlining the evolution of family planning perceptions in the Philippines through recent history and defines how previous perceptions have influenced male and female responsibilities regarding planned parenting. The paper explores this subject using an applied anthropology approach, investigating human behavior and the applications it has to contemporary issues, in this case planned parenting. This approach offers a view of human behavior in the Philippines grounded in cultural exploration and actions resulting from such cultural investigation.

Background to Study
Evolution of Family Planning Perceptions in the Philippines
Overview 1990s and Beyond
Perceptions of Male-Female Responsibilities
Analysis and Conclusions

Sample of Sources Used:

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