Peace Education in Kenya and the Horn of Africa Research Paper

Peace Education in Kenya and the Horn of Africa
A thorough exploration of a peace education initiative being implemented in Kenya and the horn of Africa.
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This paper seeks to highlight the approaches, strategies, methodologies, principles, and lessons in a peace education initiative called The Young Peace Ambassador Program (TYPAP) that is being implemented in East Africa and the Horn of Africa. The paper explains that peace education in Africa is becoming an increasing area of interest for educators, civil society groups, UN agencies, and governments, and that peace education can help society move from the present individualizing tendency catalyzed by fear and dominance to a cooperative agenda based on dialogue and human dignity. The paper discusses Johan Galtung's "security versus peace" discourse and George Lakoff's "frames," which form part of conceptual discussions coupled with paradigm shifts touching on cultural possessions that must complement any future peace education initiative. The paper concludes that the long-term stability of the region will definitely depend on the fundamental issues or the root causes of conflict being addressed; peace education initiatives like TYPAP can help change mind frames and tilt the discourse from one that is "security" centered to one that is "peace" focused. However, the paper adds, the historical, cultural and socio-political realities of the conflict areas must themselves be part of this educational encounter for it to be more viable.

Table of Contents:
TYPAP Operation Area-a Historical Background
TYPAP Operation Area-a Socio-Political Background
Brief Socio-Political situation- Kenya
Brief Socio-Political situation- Somalia
Brief Socio-Political situation- Somaliland
Peace Education - Conceptual Framework
Peace Education-Discourses and Frames
TYPAP approaches and strategies
TYPAP Content
Some LLT Themes
LLT Principles
LLT Methodologies
TYPAP Lessons Strengths and Challenges
Strength of LLT Toolkit and TYPAP
Challenges of TYPAP
Recommendations: Towards a More Viable Peace Education Discourse.
References Procedure

From the Paper:

"The TYPAP is Interactive in methodology. The rationale behind this is that learning is a social process that takes place by interaction among various groups. Thus, the TYPAP logic believes that through interaction, the young people through their Peace Clubs are able to share knowledge, exercise tools, improve skills, and finally explore their desire for peace, making it their way of life. Through the peace camps and peace clubs, seminars and peace building workshops, media involvement in children and youth peace/ethics education radio programs and youth visits to places like the genocide museum of Rwanda, it is expected that a strong network of youth will emerge which will value peace and promote a culture of peace in the TYPAP operational areas of northern Kenya and Somali/land. I will discuss in more detail other methodological approaches that TYPAP uses and promotes within its activities."

Sample of Sources Used:

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