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Parenting Guidelines for the Hispanic Community
A discussion of parenting guidelines for the Hispanic community in America.
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This paper discusses parenting guidelines for the Hispanic community in the United States. The paper explains that the success of any set of parenting guidelines for a particular ethnic group hinges on the author's ability to take on an ethnic-sensitive approach that incorporates the group's specific traditions, culture, religion, and experiences with the new and daunting culture. This paper then attempts to prove that a setting down of concrete parenting techniques (communication, conflict resolution, and the like) must take into account the specific experiences of the Hispanic community in the United States. The paper explains that, in order to prove the validity of this assertion, it is necessary to point to and elaborate on the conflicts that characterize this community. The paper also points out that these conflicts include the traumas of immigration and racism, the unique structure and role of the Hispanic family, and the Hispanic family's role in the acculturation process. The paper then reviews the relevant literature on the topic. In conclusion the paper shows that the ultimate goal of this research is to enlighten both immigrants and American born individuals to the real and perceived experiences those from other countries go through, as they attempt to raise their families in a sometimes stressful and uncomfortable climate. A revised outline for the paper is included with this document.

Introduction: Summary of Purpose and Thesis
Racism and the Trauma of Immigration
The Structure and Function of the Hispanic Family

From the Paper:

"The United States, with its fondness for the oft-quoted "bootstrap mentality," often discourages immigrants from dwelling on troubled pasts or inherited traumas. It is hardly shocking to read that immigrant groups (particularly those from non-European countries) encounter racism upon arrival in the United States, but Hispanics, with the large number of the immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries, experience discrimination of considerable magnitude. In their Latinos and Education, Darder, Torres, and Gutierrez argue that Hispanic students, before they even enter their first American classrooms, internalize the racism that seems to blossom in highly industrial countries."

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