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This paper discusses the growth of outsourcing as a business practice - especially U.K. companies outsourcing their I.T. infrastructure to India.
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This paper explains that outsourcing of any nature is a business strategy, which organizations are using to manage their profits and their productivity; however, this practice requires extensive evaluation to execute this strategy successfully especially in the area of personal management. The author points out that, in the past, organizations generally only outsourced their call centers and support desks; however, now organizations are increasingly outsourcing their design and R & D departments thereby creating the risk that an organization can lose critical expertise as a result of all their employees within the U.K. no longer being involved with these activities. The paper relates that many Indian companies, like Wipro and Infosys, also are establishing their operations in the western world to offer companies the expertise and talent of a large pool of Indian workers but keeping close to the operations in U.K. to allow them to understand the changing strategies and the market demands. Tables.

Table of Contents
Importance of this Study
Purpose of this Study
Limitations of this Study
Overview of Thesis
Literature Review
The Cultural and Contextual Issues Affecting Businesses
The Rationale behind Outsourcing by a Business
To Learn from the Success and Failures of Outsourcing Undertaken in the Past
The Importance of Change In the Business Development and Sustainability
Conclusion and Recommendations

From the Paper:

"Wages and benefits have also undergone revolutionary changes due to outsourcing. Where in the past, markets were restricted by geographical boundaries and labor demand and skill level determined the quality of live of the region, globalization has offered organizations and countries a more "leveled" playing field. In this environment, a worker in the U.S. is not competing against another worker at the same level and with the benefits and salary in the U.S., but rather against a worker in China, India, Mexico or Malaysia who might have a different wage and benefit structure. Social and cultural needs of the population have also impacted the wages and benefits of workers. In the past, most developed countries had generous and adequate benefits for their workers at all levels of the organization. At present, dealing with the "entitlement syndrome" is a challenge for most organizations in the U.S. and other developed countries such as the U.K. and Germany."

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