Organizational Learning Orientation Research Paper by Champ

Organizational Learning Orientation
This paper investigates the correlation between corporate learning orientation and profit.
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In this article, the writer notes that it has long been known that corporations with a positive learning orientation develop the knowledge contained within their organization better than others, and that their employees have generally more satisfaction in their jobs. The writer points out that many companies, such as HP and Dell, have leveraged organizational learning to create measurable profit. The writer maintains that what is not known, generally, is how well different learning orientations translate to the bottom line. The writer claims that it is important to discover this relationship, because organizations have choices to make concerning the learning orientation they will adopt, and should be given some guidance as to the estimated return on investment for each learning orientation. This research project is directed towards discovering this relationship between organizational learning orientation and corporate profit.

Organizational learning: Learning orientation

From the Paper:

"In order to investigate the correlation between learning orientation and the bottom line, we must first define learning and then identify and define the various learning orientations of corporate organizations. By amalgamating the various theories of learning with a functionalist approach, we can simplify it and define it as acquired knowledge, both domain and procedural, which is applicable to solving current problems and transferable to future problems of the same or different types. In other words, we learn when we acquire information in human usable form (knowledge) which can be used to solve a current problem, or be applied to future problems, or when we become able to initiate a particular set of actions to resolve a current problem or future problems."

Sample of Sources Used:

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