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Observational Studies of Police
This paper discusses the ethics and risks involved in the research of police officers.
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Published on Feb 14, 2007 in Research Designs (General) , Criminology (General) , Ethics (General)

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This paper examines observational studies of the police officer and the risks, including ethical risks, that one might face in the course of conducting such a study. The paper notes the danger that is presented in one 'going native' and losing his/her objectivity, thereby clouding the research. The paper reviews various studies about the risks in such a research initiative. This paper finds that optimally one would research from a more detached or objective view and certainly accompany an observational study of the police officer with other types of data and analysis methods. The paper concludes how it is clear that the observational study of the police officer is one with inherent risks that the researcher should be well-prepared for.

Problem of Access
Going Native
Overt Vs Covert
How Reliable/How Valid
Summary and Conclusion

From the Paper:

"Another factor to consider is the confidentiality of the information one might obtain in the conduction of research and the fact that a court order might order disclosure compliance and simultaneously conflict with principles in research and ethics. Related in one report are two specific instances when a court order might demand confidential research information being disclosed. Those two situations are: "(1) When maintaining confidentiality would undermine a defendant's right to full answer and defense, and (2) When public safety is endangered. (Lowman and Palys, nd)"

Sample of Sources Used:

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