Obama and Racism Research Paper by Nicky

A look at the effect of Barak Obama's presidential election on America and the rest of the world.
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This paper aims at analyzing the effects of the nation electing a new black president. It looks at how Barak Obama's presidential election refreshed the view of the nation and the rest of the outside world. The paper also discusses how, before the election, the world saw the United States through its historical past which was full of hatred and racism. The further examines how Karl Marx and Nancy Fraser wrote extensively on the social effects of race, class and status in regard to race and how, by considering their views helps to create scenarios for comparing and contrasting ideologies.

Racism in America
Election Campaign and Social Change
First Black President
Racism in America
Social Classes

From the Paper:

"America has always practiced situational discrimination. "The Gulf War intensified anti-Arab hostility in the United States. Before the invasion of Kuwait in 1990, ADC had recorded five anti-Arab hate crimes for the year. Immediately after the invasion, from August 2 1990 until February 2, 1991, ADC recorded 86 incidents." (Akram, 2002) When Americans come under fire, they often resort to racial profiling, discrimination and isolationism in order to regain control and to resolve inherent fears. But what happens when minorities outnumber whites? What happens when the scales are completely out of balance and what was normal before changes to some new expectation? In California, many Mexican immigrants were laid off and were forced to go back to their home country to find work. But where does a Silicon Valley middle manager go after he is laid off and his mortgage company does not really think they should have to renegotiate his half a million dollar loan and the kids BMW payments are falling further and further behind. "

Sample of Sources Used:

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