Neuroendocrine Controls in Lower Invertebrates Research Paper by write123

Neuroendocrine Controls in Lower Invertebrates
A study on the endocrine effects of pigment dispersal on color change in fiddler crabs.
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Published on Jul 06, 2008 in Biology (Zoology)

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The paper discusses the hypothesis that injections of pigment dispersing hormone (PDH) will result in abnormal darkening of fiddler crabs, even when returned to a white background. The paper discusses how the color changes in response to the environment in the fiddler crab helps us understand the interactions between the nervous system and the endocrine system. The paper looks at the methods, results and factors that might have affected the results of this experiment. The paper concludes that this study is an important step in the understanding of hormonal dispersal in many living creatures, possibly even in higher vertebrates.


From the Paper:

"The study of neuroendocrine controls in lower invertebrates can provide important clues to the functioning of these systems in higher vertebrates, such as humans. Some of the hormones found in invertebrates are unique and do not exist in higher species. However, some of the hormones, such as peptidic and lipidic hormones are quite close to those found in their vertebrate counterparts (LaFont, 2000). This makes the understanding of crustacean hormones important for the understanding of the hormonal reactions of higher species as well. This research cannot be directly applied to higher order vertebrates, but it can give us important clues as to in which direction research needs to proceed in the development of a better understanding of higher order vertebrate endocrinology."

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