Near-Death Experience Research Paper by johnnyoutsmart

Near-Death Experience
An examination of the concept of the visions of life after death.
# 57967 | 3,450 words | 15 sources | MLA | 2003 | GB
Published on Apr 21, 2005 in Anthropology (Cultural) , Psychology (Parapsychology)

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The research aims to persuade skeptics of the validity of the near-death experience (NDE), both as a phenomenon distinct from out-of-body experience (OBE) and as a genuine vision of the afterlife. It discusses how skeptics refuse to accept NDEs due to the fact that they have difficulty in accepting the paranormal in the first place. Following the attempt to persuade skeptics that NDEs are a distinct phenomenon, unrelated to either dying brain hallucinations or OBEs, the research attempts to sway them towards the belief that NDEs are nothing short of visions of the afterlife and invaluable proof of life beyond death.

From the Paper:

"In an era where moon landings and space exploration have become common activities, exploration into that which lies beyond death appear impossible. Muslims, Christians and Jews believe that they know the answer which is given to them in their holy books, and argue that the Day of Judgment lies beyond death, followed by an eternity in Heaven or Hell. Atheists argue that death is final and that nothing lies beyond it. Hindus and Buddhists believe in a never-ending circle of reincarnation, whereby death is perceived as the first step towards rebirth in a different form. Whatever the answer that people may have, and the degree of conviction that they hold in their specific theory to what lies beyond death, the fact remains that we simply do not have the answer. Certainly, the Bible, the Torah and the Koran do inform us to some degree of the nature of life beyond death but these accounts are open to interpretation as none can claim to truly and fully comprehend the word of God. Therefore, even those of us who believe in life after death and the Day of Judgment, have countless questions such as whether or not we are conscious in death, or if we feel fear, meet dead relatives and enter into this different zone, or even if we are aware of the living. Basically, there are opinions rather than clear-cut answers to these questions as, despite the great strides that mankind has made in scientific and technological development, and their success in answering many of the mysteries of life, science and technology have utterly failed in providing clear evidence of what lies beyond death."

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