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NATO Intervention in Kosovo
A paper examining the reasons and validity of U.S. and NATO intervention in Kosovo.
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In an effort to determine whether or not the United States led North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was correct in their intervention in Kosovo, along humanitarian lines, this paper presents information on the history, background and religions of the region and the crisis. The paper also considers the implications concerning state sovereignty that arise from the intervention, as well as NATO's background and purpose regarding questions of international law.

Table of Contents
Thesis Statement
The Historical Context of Kosovo
The World War II Period and Beyond
What Sort of War is it?
The Clinton Doctrine
The Motivations of U.S. Led NATO Forces
The Conduct of the War and World Involvement
Other Important Points Concerning U.S. and NATO
External Self-Determination and International Community
The Formation of New States
The Reasoning for the Action as it Unfolds
Some of the Consequences
International Law from the Interventionist Viewpoint
The Interventionist's Critical Question of Genocide
The Demonizing of Milosevic
The Story from the Yugoslav Point of View
Conclusions Then and Now

From the Paper:

"The Serbs however finally liberated Kosovo from the Ottoman Empire in 1912, and as expected, reprisals and the expulsion of the Albanian settlers who had been previously patronized by the Ottomans accompanied this liberation. Indeed, the ethnic cleansing, murders and other atrocities were actually far worse in this period than in the present although few outside the region knew of them. Moreover, few really concerned themselves with the problems until the First World War that actually originated in the Balkan region."

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