Native Americans and Mental Health Research Paper by cardamine

Native Americans and Mental Health
This paper explores the problem of mental health issues, especially substance abuse, among Native Americans.
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This paper explains that Native Americans disproportionately have a greater occurrence of mental health and substance use disorders than the population as a whole. The author relates that the U.S. government's policy of expansion, containment and non-sanctioned genocide in the 1880s has manifested itself in the Native-American population as poverty, alienation from mainstream public services and education, increased risk for medical and psychological conditions and a fractured sense of tribal and family cohesiveness. The paper points out that alcohol dependence combined with major depression or post-traumatic stress disorder are the most prevalent co-occurring disorders. The author reports that the evolving standard treatment method for Native-American clients is integrated mental health and addiction services using motivational interviewing, which is especially compatible with Native-American values.

From the Paper:

"Because Native Americans have a long, rich cultural heritage strikingly different from the mainstream of America, and because Native America is segmented into hundreds of tribes, many of which with their own unique cultural systems, providing adequate mental health and chemical dependency services in a culturally sensitive manner is difficult. This very issue serves as a barrier to treatment and outcomes, especially for individuals living off reservations where local community support and tribal customs are not present. Even on reservations, community support is inadequate as funding for mental health services through the Indian Health Services entitlement is woefully under-funded."

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