Murders in Ciudad Juarez Research Paper by Champ

Murders in Ciudad Juarez
This paper discusses serial sexual femicide in Ciudad Juarez.
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In this article, the writer discusses the unsolved, heinous killings that have taken place in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The paper points out that the numbers of dead and missing vary dramatically, and change frequently, but it is known that over the past sixteen or so years, hundreds of young women have been murdered, raped, dragged to remote desert graves and in many cases mutilated in and around Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, just across a bridge from El Paso, Texas. The writer notes that the killings fall under three categories: they are ethnic because the women are all Latino; they are of a "class" nature because the great majority of women are working class individuals; and third, they are of a sexual / gender nature because all the victims are women.

Literature Review
Reasons Behind Male Resentment of Women in Mexico
Mexican Attitudes Encourage Violence against Women

From the Paper:

"In other words, there is a bitter irony that Camacho wishes to address. Many of the products manufactured in the maquiladora factories are technology devices (cell phones, computer-related technologies) that a substantial portion of the economically deprived female workers will not be able to afford. Hence, these women are only pawns in the globalization game; they are not really participants in the more affluent global society, members of which feel a strong need to be able to download music and movies onto their cell phones, and carry Blackberry technologies so they can instantly receive and send emails, documents and photos wherever they are. Indeed, the poor women who labor in the maquiladoras are not part of any "civil society" - let alone a global civil society - because any sense of civility they may have experienced by earning a paltry $55 a week has dissolved in the river of ongoing fear generated by the mindless bludgeoning of so many young women in Juarez."
"Moreover, if these young women ever did enjoy a sense of Mexican citizenship, their bargain-basement participation in globalization has probably stripped them of that emotion."

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