Multimedia Art Research Paper by KatiaK

Multimedia Art
A review of the literature concerning the use of multimedia in the art classroom.
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This paper explains that, although multimedia now is commonly used in teaching the traditional curriculum such as the sciences and humanities, the utilization of multimedia in art education is less widely understood. The author believes that this difference between the degree of usage of multimedia in art education as compares to traditional education relates to the uniqueness of the art discipline and its position on the fringe of academia. This paper reviews the literature concerning the use of multimedia in art classrooms. The paper then reviews the definitions and meanings of multimedia, the theory behind the use of multimedia, the historical development of multimedia, current uses of multimedia, and recommendations for the involvement of multimedia in art education.

Table of Contents:
Multimedia: Definition and Meaning
Historical Setting
Description of Technology
Examples of Art Programs where Multimedia Content is Offered
Recommendations for Art Education Involvement with Multimedia

From the Paper:

"An example of an integrated interactive multimedia teaching approach can be found at Indiana University, where a general elective course in art is offered at the undergraduate level. Students taking this course come from various academic backgrounds. Using an interactive program, they can choose from a collection of 100 lessons to construct their own course content. Students taking this course come from various academic backgrounds. Guidance and counseling is given by expert peers rather than by conventional instructors."

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