Mood and Personality Disorders Research Paper by Jay Writtings LLC

Mood and Personality Disorders
An in-depth discussion of mood and personality disorders.
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This paper focuses on clinical depression, the most common type of mood disorder, and its symptoms and diagnosis. The paper looks at
depression in adolescents and the importance of a good relationship with parents, and also discusses the relationship between depression and self-critical and anti-social behavior. In addition, the paper looks at treatment for clinical depression and other mood disorders. A discussion on personality disorders and how they are classified into three clusters is also included in the paper. The focus of the paper is on schizoid personality disorder, borderline personality disorder and avoidant personality disorder and the treatments of these disorders.

From the Paper:

"Mood disorders and personality disorders are becoming more and more common in society as an increased awareness of mental health appears. Mood disorders are normally caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain that occurs when something significant in a person's life does. This could be losing a loved one or going through a divorce. These disorders are usually treatable with therapy and medication, but they are very dangerous because they can cause a person to act very unpredictably. Personality disorders also cause unpredictable behavior and they are usually treated with just therapy because they are often a result of social conditioning. Both of these styles of disorders are becoming more visible in society and, therefore, awareness is needed in order to keep them from becoming huge problems."

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