Medical Home Telemonitoring in Saudi Arabia Research Paper by Nicky

Investigates the utilization of telemonitoring services for home care ventilators using web services in Saudi Arabia.
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This paper commences by describing the Arab world in general, Saudi Arabia specifically and its present healthcare system in Saudi Arabia especially the challenges. Next, the author discusses healthcare monitoring systems, how information about the human body is transferred, issues of integrity and an example of a healthcare monitoring system. Focusing on Saudi Arabia, the paper specifies how a medical monitoring system could be developed, suggests a technical model of a medical information system using Bluetooth and denotes the benefits this system would present to the medical system and to stakeholders. Tables, colored graphs and appropriate bullet points are used in this paper to create an attractive presentation.

Table of Contents:
Geopolitical Overview
The Arab World
Saudi Arabia in Comparison
The Current Healthcare System in Saudi Arabia
Challenges and Issues within the Current Saudi Health Care System
Overview of Healthcare Monitoring Systems
The Body as Information
Privacy and Body Integrity
Issues on Maintaining Body Integrity
Example of a Healthcare Monitoring System
Utilizing Medical Monitoring inside Saudi Arabia
A Technical Model of a Medical Information System using Bluetooth -
Benefits to the System and to Stakeholders

From the Paper:

"The current healthcare system in Saudi Arabia is nationalized care. The government provides heal services through state controlled agencies, from the national to the local level. However, in recent years there seems to be a growing role and larger participation from the private sector and foreign companies.
"The Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) is the primary governmental agency responsible for preventative, curative, and rehabilitative healthcare for the country. The Ministry currently provides primary health care (PHC) services through a large network (about 2,000) of care centers situated throughout the country, typically based on population and demographic analysis.
"The MOH is also the central referral system that provides services focused on curative care through 220 hospitals and clinics ranging from primary general practitioners to advanced technological and laboratory services. Within the Kingdom, the MOH leads all management, planing, financing, and regulating of the entire health care sector, while also supervising and ensuring that appropriate levels of care are provided at various levels of society. In general, then, most scholars view the MOH as a National Health Service for the entire population (NHS).
"Additional healthcare services are ancillary parts of the Saudi government: primary, secondary, and tertiary care for specific demographic and pscyhographic parts of the population; security, armed forces, border and port control, etc. These ancillary services are provided by the Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA), the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) and the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG)."

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