Media and Technological Influence on Gender Production Research Paper

Media and Technological Influence on Gender Production
A discussion on the role of media and technology in influencing the expression of binary gender roles.
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"Growing up I recall being generally concerned with my appearance and attempting to examine myself from a perspective more similar to that of the outside world. This "objectified body consciousness" or attempt to construct an externalized view of myself produced a discomforting level of self-consciousness in me (Knauss, Paxton and Alsaker 2008, 634), one that I have only in recent years begun to break free from. It is my more recent understanding of the ways in which society is guided by various discourses that produce knowledge about ourselves and provide lenses through which we are expected to view ourselves, which freed me from the blame and externally imposed feelings of inadequacy.
"Unfortunately, however, this information does not seem to circulate in conversation within the general public. And this method of thinking does not appear to be endorsed by, or taught as a standard within the American School system. It seems as though we as a society are expected to merely absorb, memorize and internalize knowledge produced through various scientific and socially critical discourses, instead of questioning where such information stems from and the how it may be disturbing our right to of gender come into play. It may appear odd that such a seemingly minor participant in the social network might cause such a disturbance in our individual life experiences individual expression and self-acceptance. It is at this point that I feel the issue of technologically and media produced images. But my proposal is that what is produced through media and technology socialize us all, to the extent that the knowledge created through scientific discourses is colored by notions of gender and sex which perpetuate confining standards and regulate self expression. The result of which can be harmful for individuals within society, much like myself, who felt pressure to disregard my personal desires and ascribe to the normative expectations of society. This also produces what I consider to be an even greater harm for females in general, as the power dynamics underlying the very foundation of our society produce female heteronormativity to be that of submission, inflated value of physical appearance and economic disadvantage."

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